William Mclaren Death, Obituary and Funeral Information

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1. William Mclaren Death– Obituary

Following a brief fight with cancer, William Mclaren passed away, to the tributes of many residents. The Ayrshire Tornadoes, William’s basketball team, described his passing as “an cruel goodbye.” The Tornadoes, who were described as an essential member of the group, claimed there were “no words to express the pain” they were experiencing.Last Tuesday, a message was published on the Ayrshire Tornadoes Facebook page “After a brief fight with cancer, today is the day we put our friend, coach, and teammate William Maclaren to rest.

“Members from the club past and present will be attending the funeral today to say a final farewell to a man who was an integral part of starting the club we all know and love. Our thoughts are with Shona, Thea and Mason and the rest of the family and close friends today and know that through all your special memories together, his love will live in your hearts forever .As you could guess, we are all in pain and have no words to describe how sad we are. Everything happened so rapidly that it seemed unbelievable. “Read more

 2. Collin Anthony McLaren Death– Obituary

Collin Anthony was a lovely, enlightened, and wise soul. He had incredible ideas on life and a great heart. When he was younger, he yearned to participate in every sport. At age 5, he began playing baseball, and at age 7, he began playing football. With the Tigers/Griz, he discovered his baseball clan for life, and he played with the same boys all the way through high school. From the second grade through the ninth grade, he was a tackle football player for the TCYFL Tornados.

In the seventh grade, Collin started wrestling with the Yelm Twisters, and he intended to continue playing all three sports through high school. Collin did well in school and enjoyed football season. Life began to gradually shift at the start of the pandemic. The concern increased when sports were discontinued and school became optional.On Sunday, May 15th, a funeral service will be place at Crossroads Community Covenant Church at 3:00 PM. Source  

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William Mclaren Death, Obituary and Funeral Information
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