In 2018, Nazrin Hassan, who was the CEO of Cradle, died when a fire broke out in his home. At first, it was thought that he died in a fire that started on its own, but forensics found strange circumstances and wounds on his body that showed he was killed. Samirah Muzaffar and her two children were the most likely suspects in this case. The case had gotten a lot of attention from netizens and was now being talked about. Even though the case is old, some new information has come out about it. Find out everything here.

Nazrin Hassan

Nazrin Hassan

Four years ago, Samirah Muzaffar and two teens were charged with killing her husband, Nazrin Hassan, who was the CEO of the Cradle Fund. The three suspects are thought to have killed Nazrin on June 14, 2018, in a house in Mutiara Damansara, Selangor, and then set the house on fire to hide their tracks. On the other hand, each of them said they were not guilty. At first, it was thought that he died from an explosion caused by his cell phone. However, a second autopsy done four months later showed that he died from a blow to the head.

Reports say that the bedroom door was locked from the outside, making it look like someone tried to lock him in on purpose. Also, the CEO of the Cradle’s body was burned in a way that wasn’t consistent, and there were pyrotechnics bags in the room. According to news reports, Samirah Muzaffar and two teenagers have been cleared of killing Nazrin Hassan in 2019. It has come to light that high court judge Ab Karim Ab Rahman said the prosecution couldn’t prove a prima facie case against Samirah, who is 47 years old, and two teenagers, who are now 16 and 19, even though they were charged.

A woman from Indonesia, Eka Wahyu Lestari, was also charged on March 12, 2019, along with the three men. For those who don’t know, Nazrin Hassan was killed in his Mutiara Damansara home between 11:30 PM on June 13 and 4 AM on June 14. At the time of his death, he was 45 years old. The case started being heard on September 6, 2019. After calling 57 witnesses, the prosecution ended its case on February 14, 2021. The CEO of Cradle Fund was killed, and the High Court said that Samirah Muzaffar and her two young children were to blame. Follow our site, Social Telecast, to stay up to date on the case and other news stories that are making headlines.

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