Who is Saurav Ghosal? Age, Networth, Birthday, Relationship

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Who is Saurav Ghosal? Squash is one of the several sports that are gaining popularity in India, and it has progressed to the point where Indian sportsmen are now considered to be genuine contenders for honors in international events. The participation of veteran players such as Saurav Ghosal has been of tremendous benefit to the game and has paved the way for younger players of the next generation to take up the sport.

Even though Saurav Ghosal is one of the most devoted and highly accomplished Indian squash players of all time, he has not yet received the acclaim he deserves from the fans. This is a shame since Ghosal deserves it. Even though the 35-year-old has triumphed at the Asian Games, the Commonwealth Games, and a whole host of other competitions, many Indian sports fans do not have a good understanding of who he is. Let’s take a look at Saurav Ghosal and try to figure out how he got to be the player that he is today.

Saurav was born on the 10th of August in the year 1986 in the city of Kolkata, West Bengal. He received his education from the Lakshmipat Singhania Academy. It was during this period that he first picked up the sport of squash and started competing at the Calcutta Racquet Club.

Following the conclusion of his formal education, he relocated to Chennai in order to participate in the ICL squash academy. While there, he was instructed by Major (Rtd) Maniam and Cyrus Poncha. Around this time, Ghosal started competing in age group events, and not long after, he became the first Indian to ever hold the number one slot in the junior world rankings. His early accomplishments includes first place finishes at the junior level of the National Championship for three years in a row. However, he first gained widespread recognition in May of 2002, when he triumphed in the German Open and took home the title. In spite of the fact that he won his first major tournament at the German Open (Under 17), he went on to triumph at the Dutch Open just two short months later.

In 2003, Saurav Ghosal made the transition from amateur to professional squash player. Three years later, in December of 2006, he made history by becoming the first Indian athlete to ever win a squash medal at the Asian Games in Doha. In 2019, he broke into the top 10 in the world, which was a momentous milestone for those who like the sport of squash in India.

Ghosal has broken a significant number of records over his career, and as a result, he is frequently regarded as one of the all-time greats of Indian squash. In 2013, he made history by being the first Indian player in the history of the World Championship to advance to the quarterfinals. The following year, he became the very first Indian player to ever achieve this milestone by winning a medal at the Incheon Asian Games and taking home the silver medal. In addition, Ghosal was the captain of the Indian squash team that won the country’s first-ever gold medal at the Asian Games in 2014. This victory came in 2014. In addition to that, he is the first Indian player to ever win the Malaysian Open. A bronze medal was also awarded to the 35-year-old athlete at the Commonwealth Games in 2022.

Ghosal is one of the most experienced players in India. He has competed in and won medals from the Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, World Doubles Championships, South Asian Games, and Asian Individual Championships. Ghosal is also one of the most senior players in India.

In addition to receiving the Arjuna Award, he was given the position of President of the Men’s Division of the Professional Squash Association (PSA) in December of 2021.