Pilot Point Mayor Matt Mcllravy, who is also a teacher, was arrested for soliciting a child, which is a felony. What we know about him is that he is a family man.

Matthew Mcllarvy was just recently chosen as mayor of Pilot Point. But after many months of investigating him while he was not around, Dallas police caught him. Before running for city mayor, the 42-year-old teacher did social work for a while.

But he used it for his bad plans, which did not stay hidden for long. Because of what he did, the Internet is full of posts about it, and people are getting very angry about it.

Pilot Point Mayor

Pilot Point Mayor

Pilot Point Mayor Matt McIlravy Arrested For Child Soliciting?

Matt Mcllravy, the mayor of Texas, was arrested for online sex with a child. Matt, the mayor of Pilot Point, was charged with a second-degree felony, according to the New York Post and other major news outlets. Since June 21, the 42-year-old has been in jail.

After the undercover operation, the politically active person was caught by Dallas police. The North Texas ICAC Task Force’s leader, the ICAC Unit of the Dallas Police Department, looked into him for five months before putting him in jail.

Britt Lusk, who is the city manager of Pilot Point, told CBS11 that McIlravy was arrested while he was in City Hall. Law enforcement officials say that other conversations with minors have been found, but they are not known at this time.

He was just chosen as mayor of Dallas’s Pilot Point. He also tried to run his campaigns on social media, but it didn’t work as well as when he met people in person. Also, a page called “Matt Mcllaravy for Mayor” was made so he could talk about what he wanted to do as mayor. He also gave a list of the community projects he had already helped with.

Who Is Mayor Matt Mcllravy Wife- More Inside His Family?

Mayor Matt is accused of trying to get children to work for him. On his Facebook page, he shows that he is married to his beloved wife Ashley Mclravy. In the “About” section of his social media accounts, he wrote that he was married and put the name of his partner’s account.

When you look deeper into the house, you see that the couple has already started their own family and has two sons. One looks to be in his mid-teens, while the other, who is smaller, might be in his early-teens or soon will be.

His wife is also a teacher and a strong believer in Jesus Christ, according to her Facebook profile. Since they are both teachers, they may have met each other when they were just starting out. She has also tried to show that she is stylish by wearing a lot of stolen jewelry.

She seems to be a great partner, and she has also helped her husband run for office. But after hearing the latest news, she may also be sad. Many people want to know if their marriage is at risk.

Where Is Matt McIlravy Of The Democratic Party Now?

Matt Mcllravy, who was elected mayor of Pilot Point, a small city north of Dallas with less than 4,000 people, is in police custody. After five months of undercover work by the ICAC Unit of the city police, which is led by the North Texas ICAC Task Force, he was caught.

Law enforcement officials say that the investigation found more communications with other minors, but the police haven’t been able to figure out who they are yet. He is accused of online solicitation of a child, which is a second-degree felony. No, there haven’t been any reports on the investigation that took place after the detention.

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