Who is Lawrence Rudolph? What did he do?

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Who is Lawrence Rudolph? What did he do?

What was Lawrence Rudolph accused of?

In a courtroom in Denver on Wednesday, the prosecution claimed that Lawrence Rudolph, a dentist accused of killing his wife while on a hunting expedition in Africa, admitted to the crime while arguing with his longtime girlfriend.

According to the Associated Press, Rudolph reportedly yelled, “I killed my f——g wife for you,” during the trial’s opening comments to the jury, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Bishop Grewell.

In connection with the death of his wife, Bianca Rudolph, who was shot in the chest while on vacation in Zambia in 2016, Rudolph was charged with murder and mail fraud. 

Why did Lawrence Rudolph kill his wife?

He allegedly killed his 34-year-old wife in order to receive millions of dollars in life insurance payouts, according to the prosecution.

When Rudolph discovered that the FBI was looking into his wife’s death in 2020, he allegedly confessed to the crime while out to dinner with his girlfriend, Lori Milliron, at a steakhouse in Phoenix, Grewell reportedly told the jury, per the AP.

Rudolph’s lawyer at his murder trial, David Markus, refuted that his client told Milliron thus, saying that a witness who purportedly overheard their exchange was wrong.

According to what he stated to the jury, Rudolph actually said, “They’re claiming I killed my f——-g wife for you,” according to the AP. Markus continued, “I can’t believe we’ll be here for three weeks if that’s what this case hinges on.”

Rudolph is being attempted alongside Milliron. She is accused of being an accessory after the fact and of lying to a grand jury. In order for Bianca to kill a leopard, Rudolph and his wife Bianca went to Zambia in 2016. On their three-week hunting trip, she was unsuccessful but she did manage to kill some other creatures.

On the morning of October 11, as the couple prepared to leave their hunting camp in Kafue National Park, Bianca passed away from a fatal shotgun blast to the chest. The Zambian police were informed by Rudolph, a former dentist from the Pittsburgh region, that he heard the gunshot while he was in the shower and discovered his wife lying on the bedroom floor bleeding profusely.

According to a federal complaint that People was able to obtain, the man believed that the shotgun had been loaded from the hunt the day before and that it had accidentally fired as Bianca was putting it into its case.

Federal authorities became involved in the case after a friend of Bianca’s reported the death of her friend on October 27, 2016, saying she wanted the FBI to look into it because she suspected foul play and claimed that Rudolph had cheated on his wife and was having an affair at the time of her death.

The FBI was informed by the consulate chief at the American embassy in Zambia that he had spoken to Rudolph about having his wife’s body cremated. When Rudolph learned he had visited Bianca’s body and taken pictures, the consular head informed the FBI that Rudolph was “livid.”

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