Alden Bunag, a school coach, has reportedly been arrested for giving out child pornography. Federal prosecutors said that Alden sent shady pictures and videos to another teacher. The coach also said that he had a sexual relationship with a student who was only 13 years old. The news is all over social media, and netizens are shocked because they don’t think a teacher would do something so disgusting and shameful. Let’s read the article below to find out everything we can about the case.

Alden Bunag

Alden Bunag

The federal courthouse is where Bunag is said to have made his first court appearance on June 16, 2022. He will stay in jail until his next court date. Court records show that the school coach told investigators that he had sexual relations with a 13-year-old boy and filmed the whole thing. The person who attacked the student is said to have been a former student. Not only that, but the coach also sent the videos to other people through an app called “messenger.” Sources say that Bunag sends the illegal pictures to a teacher in Philadelphia. Well, this teacher was also arrested last October.

The court documents also said that the coach admitted to having sex with the teen boy during lunch breaks. He said that the boy was a former student and that he knew he was a minor at the time. While Bunag also said that he shared the video recording of his sexual encounter and admitted that other children were also victims of child pornography. Doug Chin, who used to be the state’s attorney general, said that people who commit these kinds of crimes do think they can get away with it. Chin says that Bunag has never been in trouble with the law.

The attorney general said that this case shows how important it is for agencies all over the country to work together when dealing with suspects who are accused of committing such a horrible crime. He also said that to be able to take action against some of the most scary and scary people in the community, like those who sexually abuse children. The general also said that they went to the Department of Education to find out if Alden Bunag was still a teacher, but they haven’t heard back yet. Let’s add that Bunag’s hearing about being held in jail is set for June 21.

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