Which Tony Jaa Ong Bak Character Would Win In A Fight

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Tony Jaa plays two characters, Ting and Tien, in the Ong Bak trilogy – we take a look at which of them would be the most likely winner in a fight.

Which of Tony Jaa’s two Ong Bak series characters would triumph in a head-to-head duel – Ting or Tien? Thailand’s famed martial arts star Tony Jaa landed his big break with the release of Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior, released in Thailand in 2003 and internationally in 2005. He later followed the martial arts hit up with the two prequel films, Ong Bak 2: The Beginning and Ong Bak 3 in 2009 and 2010, with Jaa playing Ting in the first film and Tien in the prequels, respectively.

Both Ting and Tien are martial arts masters of tremendous skill, and each brings his own advantages to the table. In Ong Bak, Ting showed himself to not just be a Muay Thai master but also one with great agility and adaptability. His nimble nature was seen in the movie’s foot chase showcasing Ting’s skills in parkour (later made famous by District 13), while the fight club sequence showed him taking on opponents of different strengths and backgrounds and defeating them all.


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As a young man in the 15th century, Tien rose from childhood abandonment to become a true warrior in his training. A member of the Pha Beek Khrut circle of warriors, Tien becomes a master of numerous martial arts. As seen in the two film’s fight scenes, this makes him an extremely deadly opponent to all who battle with him. Here’s who would win in a fight between Ong Bak’s Ting and Tien.

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Ting and Tien are roughly as hard to defeat in a fight as one another, and they are also more or less equals in their tolerance for pain. Ting went through a lot more than just taking hits from his opponents, continuing into the final fight with deep cuts in his forearms from one opponent who cornered him with a table ax in one of Tony Jaa’s martial arts fights in Ong Bak. Ting later needed only a quick reminder of what he was fighting for, the Ong Bak Buddha’s head, to free himself from a chokehold and win the final fight.

Tien also fought many life-or-death battles and was left wounded and despondent early in Ong Bak 3. However, through a long process of meditative healing, Tien was eventually able to bring himself back to his old fighting shape. This, along with his extreme versatility in so many different martial arts, are what would ultimately make him the probable winner of a Ting vs. Tien match-up.

Ting himself could stand his ground and put up an amazing fight, but, while it would be very close, Tien being a master of a wider array of martial arts would make him the most prepared and rounded fighter of the two warriors of the Ong Bak martial arts movie trilogy. Additionally, Tien came very close to death and managed to overcome the physical and mental defeat of this event to achieve victory. With Tien being built into an eclectic and indomitable warrior, he would likely be the victor of a showdown between Tony Jaa’s two heroes from the Ong Bak movies.

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