Melissa Kethley is well-known for being married to Carlton Dotson, a former basketball star in the United States who was later found guilty of murder. When he shot and killed his buddy and teammate Patrick Dennehy in 2003, he was a basketball player at Baylor University.

The ex-basketball player claimed to be hearing voices, to be the son of God, and to be able to predict who would enter heaven and who would not. Carlton continued by saying that he must murder Patrick since he was about to damage him.

Melissa Kethley

Melissa Kethley

Where Is Melissa Kethley the wife of Carlton Dotson Now?

Since her husband was convicted of killing his teammate and friend Patrick Denneny, Melissa Kethley, the ex-wife of Carlton Dotson, has led a quiet existence. Patrick played basketball at Baylor University.

Dotson shot his teammate in the head on June 12, 2003. The murder sparked a series of events that resulted in the Baylor basketball scandal. The NCAA looked into and also penalized the university’s men’s basketball team for a number of violations.

Dotson’s wife claimed that she was unsure of which version of her husband—the innocent, laid-back basketball player she married, or the aggressive, angry guy she claimed he transformed into—was waiting for her on a fateful evening in June.

Just a few hours after shooting his friend in a field outside of Waco, Datosn allegedly called his wife and requested the meeting. In a black Chevrolet Tahoe that belonged to Patrick, Melissa claimed to have discovered Dotson in a video shop parking lot.

Age and children of Carlton Dotson wife Melissa Kethley

When the event that changed Melissa Kethley’s life happened, she was 21 years old. On June 15, 2005, her husband, Carlton Dotson, who admitted killing his teammate Patrick Dennehy, received a 35-year prison term.

Patrick was friends with Dotson, a junior power forward on the squad. Prior to going to Baylor University in the summer of 2002, he attended North Dorchester High School in Hurlock, Maryland, and Paris Junior College.

In 2022 Melissa Kethley will wed

On the second day of his first semester at Paris Junior College in 2000, Carlton Dotson and Melissa Kethley began dating. The couple started dating in the fall of 2001 and rapidly became inseparable.

On August 17, 2002, the pair exchanged vows in a short ceremony held in their Waco, Texas, apartment. Although Dotson and Patrick were buddies, according to Melissa, Dotson first gravitated toward other players.

The former athlete first began blaming his wife for cheating on him with his friends in October. They moved into a new apartment later in February, but Carlton was terrified that his teammates might pay a visit to his wife.

After eight months of marriage, the couple divorced in April, however Melissa declined to give a reason. Well, it’s unknown if Melissa remarried after her split from Carlton.

Is Carlton Dotson and Melissa Kethley still wed?

Melissa Kethley and Carlton Dotson didn’t divorce until eight months into their marriage. The athlete used to accuse his wife of infidelity, claiming he had visions and voices telling him Melissa was having an affair.

Carlton would ultimately acknowledge his need for assistance once he had calmed down. He later had a brief counseling session for attention deficit disorder. Carlton began sleeping at Patrick Dennehy’s flat in April while Melissa moved in with her mother and stepfather.

Melissa discovered Carlton’s detention through media broadcasts on July 21. A few miles southeast of Waco, in a field close to a rock quarry, detectives discovered the athlete’s body after four days.

Melissa indicated that she will eventually seek a divorce. She also acknowledged, “I genuinely believe that I will always love Carlton. I doubt I’ll ever love somebody the same way again.”

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