Wes Freed Obituary, Death and Funeral Information

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1.  Wes Freed Obituary, Facebook tribute – Death

“Incredibly sad news today. Wes Freed, the artist who has been painting album covers for the Drive-By Truckers and who donated the cover image for my book (wouldn’t take payment either, just gave it to us), passed away. I don’t even know where to begin, but he was one of my favorite visual artists, with a distinctive style that was surprisingly complex the more you looked at and thought about his images. Like the Truckers and like me, he had a conflicted love for the South, and his work embraced the beauty of the place and rejected the ugliness and especially the hate. He used his powers for good. And he populated his fantastical landscapes with Southern artists — not just the Truckers, but Hank Williams, the Allmans, Skynyrd, Gram Parsons, and so many anonymous troubadours who strummed guitars for the same reasons he wielded a brush.” Source

2. Wesley “Wes” Colling Obituary, of Charlotte, MI – Death

Wes Elliott Colling is the son of Elliott and Maxine (Powell) Colling, and he was born on December 2, 1957, in Bay City, Michigan. Wes started his professional life at General Motors in 1976, the same year that he graduated from high school. After 31 years of service at the Delta factory, he decided to retire there instead of continuing his career in other parts of the state. Wes finally tied the knot with the woman he’d been dating for the past 11 years, Mary Horton, in 2017, and the couple has made a lot of memories that will last a lifetime together. Wes enjoyed going to races all around the country and made it a tradition to watch the INDY 500 race every year.

His craving for speed led him to get interested in INDYCAR racing. His passion for speed also prompted him to become a pilot in the Florida Keys, where he flew helicopters and fighter jets. Wes was also highly enthusiastic about a number of other things, including the University of Michigan football team, camping, boating, and the great outdoors. He spent his entire life competing in various sporting events, including baseball, football, skiing, golf, swimming, and bowling. He was an avid sports fan. Wes was one of the most patriotic guys you could ever meet, and he cherished his country, the United States of America. Patriotism was a requirement for him. Full Obituary

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Wes Freed Obituary, Death and Funeral Information
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