Death-Cause Of Death – Obituary

Authorities in the US have identified the lone victim of the latest mass shooting in Washington DC as 15-year-old Chase Poole from Northwest DC. The police investigating the matter said that one cop too sustained injuries in the mass shooting. According to one officer, Chase was shot twice in the recent past with the last attack being in February this year.

Chase Poole

The mass shooting took place during a music festival called Moechella, which celebrates Black culture and protests gentrification. Cops were trying to shut the festival arguing that it had spiraled out of control when the mass shooting took place.

The police have reportedly recovered a firearm from the possession of Chase Poole. They are, however, yet to ascertain if he was and his friends were the intended target or there was another motive behind the mass shooting.

A cash reward of $25,000 has been announced for anyone providing leads on the killer.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser told reporters, “We have a child who was killed today at an event that did not have any proper planning for the number of people who were here and with guns involved. And with our police managing a crowd, on site, somebody used a gun. And a child is dead.”

On Saturday, the police had to respond to an incident in Washington after a person fired a gun inside Tysons Corner Center mall in Virginia. This had led to the mall being forced to shut down. The said mall is situated in one of the densely populated suburbs of Washington.

Poole’s close family members have refused to discuss his murder.

One eyewitness, Daniel Dyson, told Fox5DC website, “I was sitting next to a cop. Next thing you know, shots rang out.”

Dyson added, “He (Poole) did not want to stay down. He proceeded on. He was shot in the leg. And he kept moving. He went to the fire. He did not run away.”

Poole screamed for his Mom but ‘no one was able to help him,’ said Dyson.

DC Police Chief Robert Contee said there more than 100 officers were present at the scene when the shooting took place. Contee said that the music event was held without any official permission. He said that one officer sustained injuries as he was shot in his leg. The injured officer is expected to recover soon.