Warren Habrock Death, Obituary and Funeral Information

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1. Warren Habrock Death, Of rural Emerson – Obituary

Over the weekend, an accident that occurred close to Wayne, Nebraska, claimed the life of the driver of a motorcycle trike. The Wayne Police Department received a report on Monday that stated that a 2005 Honda motorbike trike, also known as a three-wheeled motorcycle, was traveling westbound on Seventh Street at the time of the incident that occurred on Saturday evening. According to the police, a 2008 Ford Focus that was traveling eastbound on Seventh Street began turning north onto Centennial Road, putting it directly in the path of the Honda.

Warren Habrock, 71 years old, from rural Emerson, was driving the motorbike when it crashed with the passenger side of the car, which caused him to be thrown from the vehicle. After being transported to the hospital in an ambulance, Habrock passed away shortly after arriving at the facility. A young man from Council Bluffs, Iowa, aged 18 was operating the Ford Focus that was involved in the accident. Both the driver of the Focus and a passenger in the car were taken to the hospital and treated for their injuries before being discharged.  Source

2. Irvin Warren  Death, Of  Dunn – Obituary

View the Memorial Book here. Mr. Irvin Warren, who resided in Dunn and was 78 years old, passed away on December 1, 2020. On June 1, 1942, he was born to the late Felton JacksonWarren and the late Lelon JacksonWarren. The deaths of his two sisters, Ernestine Rankin and Martha Page, as well as his brother, Thomas Warren, came before his own. Irvin Warren was born into a farming family in the rural area of Sampson County in North Carolina. Because of this, he was taught at a young age the importance of being humble, making sacrifices, working hard, and getting an education. His formative years were spent on a tobacco farm, where the way of life was profoundly rooted in straightforwardness.

Irvin realized through first-hand experience how difficult it was to make a living and provide for a family on a tiny farm. Tilling the soil requires a great deal of determination and self-control. Irvin graduated from college with a Master of Education degree after spending his entire childhood going to public schools, including East Carolina University and North Carolina State University. When he first started teaching, he was one of the youngest professors at his most recent institution of higher education. Whenever Irvin needed help with his parents while he was at college, he would hitchhike back home. After his father passed away, he found himself having to make the trip back to the family farm on the weekends in order to keep it operating.   Read more

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Warren Habrock Death, Obituary and Funeral Information
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