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Walter White Obituary, Albuquerque: After Walter White passed away in the concluding episode of the Breaking Bad television series, the Albuquerque Journal made the decision to honor one of their own by publishing a fake obituary in the actual edition of the newspaper. According to the obituary published in the local newspaper, Walt was a 52-year-old man who passed away after “a long battle with cancer, as well as a gunshot wound.” They also refer to him as a “co-founder of Gray Matter,” which we are pretty sure Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz would complain about if they weren’t still living in fear of being killed by a laser pointer. However, they are still living in fear of being killed by a laser pointer. According to the Journal, Walt was not only a “research chemist who taught high school chemistry” but he also “later founded a meth manufacturing empire.” Good choice of words: if they hadn’t said “empire,” we’re pretty sure the ghost of Heisenberg would have shot them to death. If they didn’t say “empire,” we’re glad they did (with an M60 in the trunk of his ghost mobile). Full Obituary

Walter Arnold White Obituary, Attleboro, MA: On September 24, 2021, at the age of 79, Walter Arnold White, who resided in Attleboro, Massachusetts, passed away in the comfort of his own home. He was the devoted spouse of Ramona (Broas) White, whom he wed on April 4, 1963, and who passed away on September 2, 2018. Ramona (Broas) White passed away on September 2, 2018. He was the son of the late Walter Almon White and the late Elizabeth (Hall) White, who passed away before he was born on January 6, 1942 in Poughkeepsie, New York. He was born and raised in Poughkeepsie, where he also received his education. He attended Arlington High School, where he graduated with the Class of 1960, and he attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), where he earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in 1964. After a fifty-four year career in engineering, Walter decided to call it quits in 2018. His last job was at Rite Solutions in Middletown, Rhode Island, where he remained until his retirement in 2018. Full Obituary

Walter ‘Whitey’ White Obituary, Georgetown, PA: On the first day of February 2022, Walter “Whitey” White, 65, who resided in Georgetown, Pennsylvania, passed away unexpectedly. One of the children who predeceased his parents, Everette and Antoinette (Melfi) White. Whitey attended and graduated from Center High School with the class of 1975. He was born and raised in Center Township (Sylvan Crest). After that, he joined the United States Air Force and achieved the rank of Level 5, C-130 crew chief aircraft mechanic while serving his country honorably during the Vietnam War. Full Obituary Obituaries established by De Affluxes Hardes International in 2019 is a death and obituary news aggregation service that provides a nonstop flow of links to articles that have been compiled from the work of thousands of different publishers and magazines. The news of local and internal obituaries that have been posted on the Internet is the primary topic of Referetech Obituary. If you feel the need to get in touch with us, please do not delay; simply go to the “Contact us” tab on our website and send us an e-mail. We will get back to you within the next 24 hours.