Death-Cause Of Death – Obituary

SHELBY — Police have identified the victim of Tuesday’s fire on Freeman Road, a young man who had trouble walking and was trapped in an upstairs bedroom.

Michael Cherry, 22, was found dead in the upstairs of the house he shared with his father, aunt, uncle and brother, Orleans County Sheriff’s Major Rob Reimer said.

“He was handicapped and sometimes used a wheelchair and sometimes a cane,” he said.

The house at 10307 Freeman Rd. is owned by Kenneth and Judy Cherry, Michael’s uncle and aunt, Reimer said. They were able to safely escape the house.

When fire crews arrived shortly before 4 p.m., they found three people dangling form windows. All were rescued.

Michael’s brother, Daniel Cherry, 29, suffered serious injuries, including smoke inhalation and was taken by Mercy Flight to Erie County Medical Center.

Their father, Roger Cherry, 74, was treated for smoke inhalation at Medina Memorial Hospital.

The house was full of clutter, which restricted firefighter efforts to get inside to save Michael Cherry.

Shelby Fire Chief Jason Watts said both front doors were boarded and blocked from the inside. A rear door was full of clutter, he said.

The cause of the fire was determine to be a toaster over in the kitchen.

Reimer said Daniel Cherry was cooking and cardboard near the toaster over caught fire.

The fire, Watts said, was believed to have been the first fatal fire in the town since 1978.

It was one of three fires Tuesday.

Orleans County Emergency Management Office Deputy Director Justin Niederhofer said a fire in Lyndonville destroyed a camper near a residence. The area had a quick storm pass through, causing power failures and it is believed the fire was electrical.

A house fire in Medina caused minor damage. He said the homeowner was using a torch to burn brush and accidentally caught the house on fire.

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