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Vann Smith Obituaries – Death And Funeral Information

Vann Smith, Judicial Circuit Obituary: According to a letter that was issued early Sunday morning by Marty Sullivan, the director of the Administrative Office of the Courts, Vann Smith, a longstanding judge in the 6th Judicial Circuit, passed away suddenly on Saturday. Smith had served in that capacity for many years.

According to earlier news articles, Smith, who is 71 years old and has served on the bench for 32 years, will retire in the year 2020. Perry and Pulaski counties are included under the jurisdiction of the 6th Judicial Circuit. “Please keep his wife Cathy and their family in your thoughts and prayers,” Sullivan stated in the statement that was uploaded on Facebook by the current Circuit Judge Chip Welch. “Please keep their family in your thoughts and prayers as well,”

Welch remarked that Judge Smith “was a wonderful man and an excellent judge.” “For the first eight years of my judicial career, he served as Chief Judge of the Sixth Circuit and as a guide. May God rest his soul in peace and grant strength to his wife Cathy, his children, and his brother Bob, as well as the rest of his family. More on Arkansasonline

Vann Smith, Pulaski Judicial Circuit Obituary: On January 22nd, 2022, renowned Pulaski County Circuit Judge Vann Smith, who resided in Little Rock, Arkansas, passed away. He passed away when he was 71 years old. It is not known what brought about Vann Smith’s passing. On January 13, 1951, Vann Smith was brought into the world in Memphis, Tennessee by his parents, Robert D. Smith, Jr. and Eloise (Vandiver) Smith. In addition, Judge Smith took part in the activities of the Arkansas Suicide Prevention Commission, the Governor’s Conference on Leadership, and the National Conference for Community and Justice. He participated in the Greater Little Rock Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Institute and held a membership there. More on SNBC13