Tyler and Savannah Laxton Obituary and Death

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Tyler and Savannah Laxton Obituary and Death: Jerry Laxton’s wife is Christy Ginn. She now owns a boutique, and it is a typical boutique, with the clothing and accessories you would expect to find inside. Tyannah’s Boutique is the name, and as the name implies, there’s more. She also provides spray tans and has a background in photography, with plans to open a studio in the back of the store for photo sessions.

She also wants to include pageant coaching, which will allow her to include her daughter. Furthermore, she started a Facebook page called Tyannah’s Angels to raise awareness about domestic violence. Christy Ginn is now married to Jared Ginn and has two children, Gracie and Noah. Ginn stated in an interview that her tubes were reversed. Gracie Faith, her daughter, is named for a reason.

Furthermore, when she grew up, Gracie followed in her mother’s footsteps and discovered a passion for competing in pageants. Ginn is now a store owner, and she is very busy with her life. Christy Ginn is the widow of Jerry Laxton of Tennessee. Ginn suffered a tragedy that would have crippled most people nineteen years ago when she lost both of her young children in a bad relationship gone wrong.

Ginn now lives with her children’s memories and makes a living through the boutique she opened in downtown Oneida. Tyannah’s Boutique & More is the name of her shop. Tyannah’s Angels is the name of her Facebook page.

Her boutique is named after her children. Because her children died a long time ago. Christy Ginn had twins named Tyler and Savannah Laxton previously. The twins were killed in late April 2003 by their father, who then turned his gun on himself. Tyler was 7 years old at the time, and Savannah was 3 years old.

The incident was the worst-case scenario for ongoing domestic violence. Ginn has since moved on from the incident. She began competing in pageants at the state and national levels not long after the fatal incident.