TV producer Eric Weinberg arrested on charges of multiple $exual assaults

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TV producer Eric Weinberg arrested on charges of multiple $exual assaults

The police department of Los Angeles arrested TV producer Eric Weinberg on Thursday on the charges of multiple $exual assaults. According to the sources, Eric allegedly assaulted women for over seven years, from 2012 to 2019. 

Detectives said in their statement that Eric used to target women in several public places like grocery shops, coffee shops, etc., then lure them to his home on Edgemont Street in the name of photo shoots.

He used to disguise himself as a photographer and invite women who were mostly in their 20-the 30s to his home for a photo shoot. Once they were in his residence, he used to assault them during the photo shoot $exually.

Who is Eric Weinberg? (Wiki, Age, Bio)

Eric is best known for his role as executive producer for five times Emmy nominated. 2000’s comedy series, Scrubs. He co-executively produced more than 100 episodes of Scrubs between 2001 and 2007.

He even wrote the storyline of Scrubs for 11 episodes during the first season.

He has been a writer and producer for several other famous projects like Graves, Californication, and Politically incorrect.

Statements from police-

Police officials described him as a ‘serial $exual assault suspect’ and said that some of his victims could date back to as early as the 1990s. The police have urged all of his potential victims to come forward and speak up against him.

A spokesperson for Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon said that when the case is submitted, they will review the charges and determine whether or not he is guilty.

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