Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office goes through active shooter training

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Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office goes through active shooter training

TULSA, Okla.  — More local law enforcement deputies are going through active shooter training.

Eight deputies from the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office went through active shooter training at Liberty Schools in Mounds. The superintendent says he is so grateful they did so.

“It’s at the forefront of our minds. We have to do everything we can to protect the kids without having to lock them down into a fortress,” says Phillip Garland, Liberty Schools’ superintendent.

Garland and the sheriff’s office have had this active shooter training planned for a while. But now – it seems more important than ever.

“Something about Uvalde really did make parents call up and ask, ‘what are we doing.’ We had already planned to have this training but i think they were very comforted,” says Garland.

Deputies went through what they call scenario-based training. After each round, the situation involving the active shooter would change, and the deputies would have to adjust. Some of the scenarios included an injured bystander and an officer down.

“We had them, started introducing, a down individual maybe an injured officer, then onto shots being fired and them having to respond accordingly,” says Corporal Latif Whitsett.

Deputies responded to each scenario in groups of two and three. Weaving in and out of classrooms, searching for the person posing as the active shooter. Witsett says this training teaches them to not hesitate when they hear gunfire.

“We teach our deputies that time is crucial to save lives as soon as possible. so their objective and job is to go in and deal with the threat as soon as possible.”

Another crucial piece of information deputies learned is the layout of the school.

“This facility has so many different buildings we would have to respond to. so knowing if that call goes out what building is being called out is crucial for us.”

Also putting garland’s mind at ease that his student’s safety is in good hands…

“That office will now know who we are, who to contact, every detail of our layout. how to get here. access. everything.”

All deputies with the sheriff’s office will go through active shooter training. Some were at Berryhill Schools last week. Next week – they’ll train at Keystone.

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