Timothy Reynolds obituary and death, Family in shock Timothy was fatally shot

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Timothy Reynolds obituary – Death : All of that came to an abrupt end on Thursday afternoon when Reynolds, 48, accosted a group of squeegee workers in downtown Baltimore with a baseball bat, and one of the adolescents in the group retaliated with lethal gunfire, according to the Baltimore Police Department. Reynolds was killed. During interviews on Friday morning with The Baltimore Sun, members of his family conveyed their disbelief and utter hopelessness. Their death has become the newest talking point in a long-standing political discussion about Baltimore’s squeegee workers and the deep-seated societal difficulties they symbolize. What would otherwise be an intensely private grieving process has become unbearably public.

After spending his childhood in Carroll Park playing baseball, Timothy Reynolds went on to get a master’s degree in engineering from Johns Hopkins University, begin a career in engineering, and become the father of three children. He was a devoted follower of both the Orioles and the Ravens, and he and his family made their home in Hampden. He established a life for himself in Baltimore. The Orioles use the first overall pick in the 2022 Major League Baseball draft to choose Jackson Holliday, son of former MLB All-Star Matt Holliday: “It’s just like a video game,” they said.

In a city plagued by rampant gun violence, the deadly encounter illustrates another trend that experts and officials have pointed to during the pandemic: more minor disputes escalating quickly into shots fired with sometimes fatal results. Carroll Reynolds began shaking his head in shock and repeating, “He should have just kept going,” when being interviewed about his son. “He should have just kept driving.” “He should have kept driving.”

Carroll Reynolds did not learn of the events that transpired until several hours after the shooting had taken place. It was on a Thursday evening that he went to Howard County to watch his grandson play baseball; he was oblivious at the time of the sad news that would arrive later. A tweet from Metro Crime Stoppers asking for information about the shooting murder of Timothy Reynolds, who assaulted workers with a baseball bat when they were cleaning a squeegee. (Handout)

He pondered aloud what on earth could have possible possessed his kid to get involved in the strange conflict that ended up being fatal. A remark regarding squeegee workers that was posted in April 2019 may be found on a Twitter account that is associated with Timothy Reynolds. The post claims that a squeegee worker at the intersection of South Charles and East Conway streets — which is one block over from the location where the shooting took place on Thursday — washed the poster’s window without his permission and stared at him in a menacing manner while his son, who is 11 years old, was in the car.

According to what is written in the post, those children have no business being near moving vehicles. Other tweets on the account are humorous, such as images of his children on family holidays, posts about playing golf with his buddies, watching his favorite sports teams, and getting new tattoos. Other tweets on the account are lighthearted. He also retweeted posts about politics, including criticism of former President Donald Trump, calls for stricter gun control measures, and bemoaning the economic impacts of pandemic restrictions in 2020. In addition, he shared motivational quotes about working hard and retweeted posts about politics.

Timothy Reynolds, according to the police, drove through the intersection of East Conway and Light streets on Thursday afternoon, stopped his car, and then strolled back to the group of squeegee workers while holding a baseball bat. The incident took place in the afternoon. Later that evening, when police arrived at the scene of the crime, they found a metal bat lying on the ground near to a puddle of blood.