Tim Giago Death, Obituary and Funeral Information

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1. Tim Giago Death, Native American Newspaperman – Obituary

Tim Giago, the outspoken founder of the first Native American newspaper in the United States that was independently owned by the Native American community, passed away on Sunday in Rapid City, South Dakota. Giago was known for challenging discriminatory government policies, American Indian stereotypes in popular culture, and even at times, tribal leaders themselves. He was 88. According to Doris Giago, his first wife, the cause of death was complications related to cancer and diabetes.

In response to this, he and Doris Giago obtained a bank loan for $4,000 using an outdated Ford vehicle owned by a cousin as security in order to establish Lakota Times in 1981. Their goal was to publish an independent newspaper for Native Americans written by Native Americans, which would convey the news that was “in contrast to the frequent portrayal of Indian people in the local and national media.” Read More


2. Tim Page Death – Obituary

Tim Page, who passed away at the age of 78 after a battle with cancer, had a reputation as a courageous gonzo combat photographer during the Vietnam war. During that conflict, he would venture where others feared to tread. Tim and his gang of photographic buddies were given the label “war groupies” by correspondents with a more conservative viewpoint. As a result of their reckless behavior, they suffered injuries and, in some cases, lost their lives. Tim was struck multiple times and became famous for escaping death by only the narrowest of margins.

His involvement in the Vietnam War came to an end in 1969 following a botched rescue mission near the Parrot’s Beak region to the northwest of Saigon, when his helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing to pick up injured American soldiers. Just a few moments after Tim and the other soldier in front of him exited the helicopter to help soldiers on the ground, Viet Cong rebels activated secret command-detonated artillery round, which resulted in the death of the soldier in front of Tim. Read more

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Tim Giago Death, Obituary and Funeral Information
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