The rockstar guitarist of the Khruangbin band

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The rockstar guitarist of the Khruangbin band

The most loved and star musician Laura Lee Khruangbin lives in the heart of every music band lover. The hottest band of the decade is Khruangbin, whose voice ruled the world from country to cinema and beyond oceans.

On the demand bass band members, Laura Lee and her bandmates, drummer Donald Dj Johnson, singer Mark Speer, and the guitarist. They rock the stage like no way for their fans and audience.

Is Laura Lee a never-ending style game?

Laura Lee Kharuangbin never repeats her dress on stage. She took more than 600 different looks while performing on stage, and she decided to never wear the same dress repeatedly in 2011, during her first ever stage show. 

She said, “ My dress is the identity of my different stage show, and wearing the same dress in every show will make no difference in pictures .”With every show of Laura Lee Khruangbin, she tries new different looks on her style. 

Laura Lee Designer:-

Megan Boyes is the designer of Laura Lee Khruangbin; she says that “Megan Boyes is a godsend for her,” and she met in the bathroom of a nightclub. Laura Lee Khruangbin has been working with Megan Boyes for many years, and she knows well what outfit best suits her look with the guitar.

Laura Lee: The rockstar guitarist

 Megan Boyes designs unique outfits for her every stage concert and convinces Laura Lee Khruangbin to try out a new outfit that she wouldn’t choose for herself.

Laura Lee Khruangbin is somewhere romantic sap, where she tries to communicate with her outfits. Over the past few years, not being on stage and performing, she doesn’t want to wear identical body suits and dresses; she wants to look more elegant, classy, and overall that suits her being with a guitar look.

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