Terre Haute Walmart Shooting, ‘Gangster video’ causes disturbance

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Consumers at the eastside Walmart felt threatened on Tuesday, according to the Terre Haute Police Department, because two adult males were reportedly filming a “gangster video.” This forced customers to evacuate the store in terror.

The Tampa Hills Police Department has stated in a post they made on Facebook that two guys entered the building at 2399 S State Road 46 while wearing ski masks in the “balaclava style,” with one of the men obviously carrying a weapon in his waistband.

The moment they entered the building, those who were inside rushed screaming from it in terror.

Officers were able to identify the individuals and place them under arrest under threat of a firearm close to the jewelry counter. Officers were subsequently able to determine that the firearm in question was actually a pellet gun. The males told the police that the reason they were dressed in such a way was so that they could make a “gangster video.”

The Vigo County Prosecutor’s Office was contacted by the police, and they were notified that no crime had been committed. This is according to the police. After that, the two men were allowed to go free from custody.