SPC Shamatto Clarke Obituary, Death, Funeral Information

SPC Shamatto Clarke Obituary
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SPC Shamatto Clarke Obituary: “Life! I’ve never met Shamatto Clarke but he’s been my FB friend since 2019. I log into Facebook every day to see what funny and witty posts he comes up with. He made me laugh on a daily basis. What a beautiful soul to touch sooooo many lives and had no clue! You’re job here is complete. Rest in perfect peace King- now you are the goofy ancestor to your loved ones”   Full Obituary

Andrea (Andy) Stacia Clarke: We are grateful to have had such a wonderful mother, sister, and friend. Andrea (Andy to her long-time friends and family) died peacefully at her home in Puslinch, Ontario surrounded by family, friends, and pets, on August 17, 2022. Andrea (Andy) Clarke was born in Toronto on July 23, 1962. Beloved mother of Maximillian James Neill, her pride and joy and the love of her life; loving sister to Patricia Ann (Peter) and Kathryn Marie (Willy); auntie to Stephanie, Kara, and Larissa, and great-auntie to Atticus, Aidan, and Aurora. She will be missed by family, pets, and many friends from school, The Law, and the horse world. Andrea would like to let you know that her work here is complete. She received an offer she could not refuse, an appointment higher than the Supreme Court of Justice and one from which she will not be returning. The appointment comes with a huge sign-on bonus, a reunion with family and friends she has not seen in a long time. Job security is guaranteed. Her new mission takes her to a wonderful place where she will be giving endless advice, wearing nothing but Gucci and Chanel, listening to AC/DC, riding beautiful horses, and drinking the best wines. Love and laughter are guaranteed. Food is delicious and you never gain an ounce. She left detailed instructions for her family and friends to celebrate her mission here, which has now been completed.    Full Obituary

Joan Dorothea Clarke Obituary: It is with a heavy heart that I announce the peaceful passing of the most generous, loving, and compassionate mum, Joan Dorothea Clarke (nee Reece). She gradually drifted off to sleep from complications of a stroke and dementia on Feb 1, 2022, at the age of 87 at Shalom Village in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Joan, also affectionately called “Joanie” and “Jojo” by many, was born on March 22, 1934, in Barbados, West Indies. She worked for many years as a Cytology Technologist, screening pap smears both in Barbados and in Toronto (Bestview Medical Laboratories, CML). She was a very intelligent, independent, determined, and sometimes even stubborn woman who was well respected by her friends and colleagues in and outside of the medical community. Joan was an avid reader and a master at crossword puzzles. She loved animals, and trees, and was the Queen of garden fertilization. Joan also had a very good sense of humor and it is this humor that will keep us remembering her and laughing long after she is gone.    Full Obituary

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SPC Shamatto Clarke Obituary, Death, Funeral Information
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