Shooting at Tyson Foods Today, Active shooter alleged at Tyson Foods

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Shooting at Tyson Foods Today – An active shooter situation has been reported at a food plant in Alexander, Kentucky, today, Saturday, and more than a dozen different law enforcement agencies are responding to the situation. Today, Saturday the 6th of August, 2022, police were called to the scene of a possible active shooter or shooting in progress at the Tyson Foods – Claryville Plant located on 1099 Bob Huber Dr in Alexandria, Kentucky.

According to SNBC13, officers were called to the scene of the incident. As a result of the received report, the Tyson Foods – Claryville Plant is currently under immediate lockdown, and no one is permitted inside or outside the building. Reports indicate that Bob Huber Drive is currently closed as a large number of law enforcement officers, including SWAT teams, respond to the scene of the incident.

Because this is an ongoing investigation, everyone in the area is being urged to find a safe place to hide and remain there until further notice. Responding officers were unable to immediately divulge any information regarding the suspect.

The active shooter report that was made at the Tyson Foods Claryville Plant in Alexander, Kentucky, is FALSE, as stated by the Campbell County Police Department. After responding to the location, officers cleaned up the mess left behind.