Shane Ragland Accident, UK football player hurt in accident

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Shane Ragland Accident – An individual who previously admitted guilt in the killing of a football player at the University of Kentucky in 1994 has recently sustained catastrophic injuries in a car crash. An collision that occurred on Saturday afternoon and forced the closure of a portion of the Snyder Freeway also injured Shane Ragland. According to the reports of the police in Louisville, Ragland was driving his Dodge Durango on a ramp leading to Interstate 64 when he reportedly lost control of the vehicle and it crashed into a guardrail.

Ragland was thrown from the vehicle, according to Alicia Smiley, a spokesperson for the Louisville Police Department, and the Durango came to rest on its roof. He did not have a seatbelt on at the time. Ragland had to be transported to University Hospital, where he remained in critical condition on Sunday.

After having his initial murder conviction overturned in 2002, Ragland eventually entered a guilty plea to the lesser charge of second-degree manslaughter in connection with the shooting death of football player Trent DiGiuro.

Shane Ragland Accident, UK football player hurt in accident

On Thursday, the girlfriend of Shane Ragland, who was found guilty of murdering a football player in the United Kingdom in 1994, pleaded with a judge not to implement a protective order that she had requested against him in December.

Christie Allen came in court without an attorney and explained to Judge Joan Byer of the Jefferson County Family Court that she did not intend to get the order and that she wants Ragland to come back in with her. She also stated that she wants Ragland to move back in with her.

Following the completion of the inquiry by Child Protection Services, Ms. Byer stated that she would think about rescinding the protective order. She issued an order for Allen to attend and finish an educational program at the Center for Women and Families as well as consult with an attorney.

The appeal for the emergency protective order states that four of Allen’s children are now living with him.

Byer stated that it was his responsibility to make certain that the recipient was aware of the dangers and threats that were associated with this relationship. “And second, is that your children are safe and that you remain safe in order for you to be able to take care of your children.”