Selena Quintanilla Obituaries – Death And Funeral Information

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Selena Quintanilla Obituaries – Death And Funeral Information

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez Nueces County, Texas: Tejano Singer. She was a Hispanic singing idol, and she was killed when she was 23 years old in Room 158 of the Days Inn in Corpus Christi, Texas. She has crowned the queen of Tejano music and won a Grammy for her contributions to the genre. She also sold more than 1.5 million records. Her father, Abraham Quintanilla, was a well-known Latino musician who was a member of the band Los Dinos. She was born in Lake Jackson, Texas. Selena would eventually become a member of Los Dinos and sing with the band when she was ten years old. Tejano is a type of Tex-Mex pop music, but she almost always sang in Spanish. Her first language was English, but she sang in a Tejano style. In 1987, Selena won the title of Female Vocalist of the Year at the annual Tejano Music Awards. This brought her to the attention of people all over the country. The following year, in 1988, she and her band were signed to EMI Latin Records, and they ultimately released their debut album the following year in 1990. Selena emerged as a major force in Latin music between the years 1990 and 1994, despite the fact that audiences in the United States who spoke English knew very little about her at the time. Full Obituary

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Selena Marie Romano Obituary: Selena Marie Romano, a devoted mother, daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, friend, and hair stylist, passed away unexpectedly on Sunday morning, October 31, 2021, at the age of 40 as a result of an illness that caused her organs to shut down and she went into cardiac arrest. The cause of her death was unknown. Her friends and family, especially her children Bianca Romano Good, 12, and Anthony Howard, age 10, will miss her terribly and never forget her.

She had recently made a decision to follow Christ and was an active member of recovery groups, which she believed to be essential in order to live the lifestyle she desired for her children and to serve as an example for them. Selena was an active member of the Friday evening recovery group held at Solid Rock Church, which she attended regularly along with the Sunday morning services. Selena possessed a beautiful and generous heart, and she eagerly anticipated loving and assisting those who were suffering from the dreadful disease of addiction. Her top priority was to set an example for her children by leading a happy, healthy, and loving life herself so that they could follow in her footsteps. Full Obituary