Ryan Thorpe Obituary, Death, Funeral Information

Ryan Thorpe Obituary
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Ryan Thorpe Obituary: Ryan Thorpe, the Our family wishes to convey their deepest condolences to Ryan’s friends and loved ones as they learn of the tragic news that he passed away unexpectedly on June 24, 2013. On September 24, 1975, Ryan was brought into the world. Everyone looked to Ryan for daily doses of support and laughter because he was such a nice, intelligent, and lovable man. He was a one-of-a-kind individual who was devoted to his family, his many friends, and the joy that life brought him. When you were in his company, he made you and everyone else he knew to smile and feel like you were among friends. Ryan will be greatly missed by his mother Wendy Buick, his brother and best friend Dale Thorpe (Chelsey), his beloved fiance Erin Brown, Aileen, Dylan, and Jordan Brown, and we are certain that his Papa Harold Buick greeted him in heaven, along with his Nana Madeline Buick, Aunt Kim and Uncle Mike Dowsett, his cousins Katelynn and Carlee Dowsett, Uncle Mike and Aunt Rose Buick, and his two favorite pets Jakey and Tun. Full Obituary

Ryan Eric Thorpe Obituary, North Dakota: Ryan Eric Thorpe, a resident of Fargo, North Dakota, passed away on July 7, 2022, at the age of 47, leaving behind family and friends who will miss him deeply. It is with deep regret that we share the news of his passing with you. On this memorial page, friends and family are encouraged to share their condolences with the family, and they can do so by posting their messages here. His grandfather Leo German, his grandmother Shirley German, and his paternal and maternal grandparents, William and Pearle Thorpe, as well as his uncle Jay German, all passed away before him (Bernie Brown). His family includes his wife Jackie, his children Zane, Lexi, Braylin, Zayden Zieman, Brair, Dom, Porter, Onyx Hawkins, and Zacobi Zieman, as well as his siblings Robyn, Jason, Zoey, Zade Maley, Robert, Erica, Lily, Beau Thorpe, Ross, Dana, Tate, Jack, and Levi Thorpe. He is survived by his parents, Larry Thorpe and Jeanne Thorpe. A large number of his cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends will continue his legacy after his passing. Full Obituary

Robert H. Thorpe Obituary, Greenburgh, NY: On October 11, 1938, in Barbados, West Indies, Robert H. “Erland” Thorpe was born to Erla Thorpe, who passed away, and Fitzgerald Thorpe, who also passed away. He was the fourth child out of a total of six. On Sunday, October 26, 2014, he passed away at his home in Greenburgh, New York, surrounded by his family. He had been ill for some time. Vernese Thorpe was Robert’s wife, and they had a child together. Peter Thorpe, Alicia “Julie,” and Ryan Thorpe were all born to him and his wife after they got married. He was a father of three. Eowyn and Sybilla Thorpe were his grandchildren; he was the grandfather of both of them. Robert was a kind, loving, and generous man who would reach out to anyone who was in need of assistance.

His formal education took place in the Caribbean nation of Barbados. In 1979, he traveled across the ocean to White Plains, New York, to be with his mother, sister, and brothers. He worked at the New York School for the Deaf up until the year 2002, when he eventually decided to retire and move back to Barbados. While he was a resident of New York, he was a member of the Mt. Hope AME Zion Church, and he continues to do so whenever he travels back to New York. In St. George, Barbados, he joined the St. Helen’s Missionary Church, and there he was baptized as a member of the congregation. Full Obituary

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Ryan Thorpe Obituary, Death, Funeral Information
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