Roy Crist of St. Joseph Death, Obituary and Funeral Information

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1.  Roy Crist Death, of St. Joseph – Obituary

Harold Leroy “Roy” Crist, age 59, passed away on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, at Mosaic Life Care. He was a resident of St. Joseph. Roy Crist, or “Roy” as he was known to everyone, was born on April 22, 1963, to his parents, Harold “Jim” and Shirley. He spent his childhood in St. Joseph and received his high school diploma from Central in 1981. In 1983, he wed Debbie Justus, the woman he had loved throughout his entire life. They were the source of his utmost pride and joy, along with his three sons and his grandchildren, who they nurtured together.

If you knew Roy, you probably knew all about his children and grandchildren, and you got the chance to witness firsthand the great smile that would grow over his face whenever he spoke about them. If you didn’t know Roy, you should definitely look him up online. Over the course of more than three decades, Roy was employed in the beer distribution industry and at St. Joe Beverage. Roy has never met a stranger before. He enjoyed lending a hand to friends and his brother Joe when they needed assistance with their race cars. Read More

2. Roy F. Crist Death, of Star City – Obituary

Roy F. Crist, 69, a resident of Star City, passed away at his home on the 21st of August, 2021, at 4:54 in the morning. He was the son of Ralph and Ardella Jean (Good) Crist, both of whom passed away before his birth on April 22, 1952 in Winamac. He received his diploma from Winamac High School in 1973. On Sep. 27, 1975 he married Kathleen J. Needham. She will live on. A longtime farmer, Roy had also worked as a welder for Galbreath’s and for CFS in Kewant to in the past. Roy’s farming career began when he was a young boy.

Both the Star City United Methodist Church and the Northern Indiana Power of the Past counted him as a member at one point. Additionally, Roy was involved in the 4-H program of Pulaski County. He took pleasure in many aspects of farming, including building model railroads and quilts, and assisting anyone and everyone who was in need. He knew no stranger. In addition, Roy delighted in quality time spent with his family, particularly with his grandchildren.  Read More Obituaries established by De Affluxes Hardes International in 2019 is a death and obituary news aggregation service that provides a nonstop flow of links to articles that have been compiled from the work of thousands of different publishers and magazines. The news of local and internal obituaries that have been posted on the Internet is the primary topic of Referetech Obituary. If you feel the need to get in touch with us, please do not delay; simply go to the “Contact us” tab on our website and send us an e-mail. We will get back to you within the next 24 hours

Roy Crist of St. Joseph Death, Obituary and Funeral Information
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