Rory Wood Death, A Tragedy To His Loved Ones

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After posting a tweet about how he didn’t have enough money to study at university, a student took his own life. His heartbroken family has said that ‘his battle with his brain sadly overcame him.’ Rory Wood, who was missing since Sunday and was tragically found dead on Tuesday, was a resident of Hereford. His body was discovered on Tuesday. Just one week after learning that he had graduated from the Open University with a 2:1 in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, his family has stated that they believe he committed suicide. His degree was in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE).

According to his brother, Dan Wood, Rory Wood had been accepted to study at the University of Manchester for a course beginning in September; however, he was unable to attend because he struggled too much with mental illness. The man, who was 27 years old at the time of his disappearance, had tweeted that he was in a “unliveable” situation and that he had “lost a thousand dollars in a deposit” to the university because he didn’t have enough money to attend classes. DailyMail report

Rory Wood dead after paying £1,000 to university but was ‘too poor to study’

Rory, a podcaster who was 27 years old, paid the University of Manchester a deposit of one thousand pounds for a master’s degree but was subsequently unable to afford the cost of living expenses. According to the police, he was reported missing for the first time shortly after 2 am on Monday after he failed to return home from work. He passed away the following day.

One of his last tweets said the following: “After two years of full-time work and saving money, I realized that I didn’t have nearly enough money to cover the costs of living at the university, so I withdrew my deposit of one thousand dollars. While I did meet the requirements for the offer, it became apparent that I didn’t make nearly enough money to cover those costs. Before the year 1998, there were no costs associated with attending a university in this country.”