Ricky Houghton, a Northland community hero, has died

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Ricky Houghton, a Northland community hero, has died

Who is Ricky Houghton

Ricky Houghton, a dedicated humanitarian advocate, and Northeast local hero died. he fought against his cancer for a long. however 

He succumbed to cancer the following Monday morning. He died peacefully at his home while his family was with him.

Houghton worked tirelessly to improve the conditions of underprivileged people.

Houghton oversaw the He Korowai Trust which assisted millions of people in finding safe, inexpensive homes and jobs.

He referred to it as a helping angel for helping people. Ricky Houghton, a  housing advocate, has been honored for his enthusiasm and devotion to housing the homeless poor, and elderly.

Houghton had cancer,  however, his illness did not stop him to help the poor.

His early childhood was not pleasant; as a child in state custody, he was subjected to brutal abuse and periods of electroshock therapy. 

He did not wish the same for other kids.

The average wait for residing nearby expanded swiftly, it wasn’t a choice.  Neither illegal substances were prohibited on the property, and tenants were required to complete a homeowner program.

Ricky Houghton

He realized the significance of a craft and entrepreneurship potential as the development progressed, and it started  a training location for young service suppliers

His awareness campaigns did not end here. During the height of the mortgage crisis, Houghton borrowed money from his personal western Auckland parent’s home to purchase the historic  Hotel, which he converted into an evacuation refuge house.

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