Richard Roat Obituary, Death and Funeral Information

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1. Richard Roat Obituary, veteran actor – Death

Character actor Richard Roat, whose successful career in the entertainment industry spanned almost half a century, passed away earlier today. He was 89. According to the Los Angeles Times, the veteran actor, who had a career spanning more than 135 appearances in cinema, television, and on Broadway, passed away on August 5 in Orange County, California. He was 83 years old. There was no indication of what caused the death.

Beginning his career in the 1960s with the sitcom Car 54, Where Are You?, Roat went on to star in prominent parts on a number of critically acclaimed television shows over the course of the previous five decades, including Columbo, Dallas, Charlie’s Angels, Dynasty, and Hill Street Blues. Character actor Richard Roat, whose successful career in the entertainment industry spanned almost half a century, passed away earlier today. He was 89. Read more


2. Richard Douglas Proud Jr Obituary   Death

Rick or “Too Tall” was how his family and friends referred to Richard throughout his life. Kimberly Proud, who was his youngest daughter, and George Foxwell, who was his younger brother, both passed away before him. He is survived by his two daughters, B.J. Wurzel of Dover, Delaware, and Marie (Shawn) Poore of Smyrna, Delaware; a son, Richard (Pamela) (Proud III) Casula of Felton, Delaware; two sisters, Linda (Harry) Baczkowski and Tina (Bob) Murphy; a brother, Mike (Lorna) Foxwell; 15 grandchildren; and 3 great-grandchildren. He is also survived by his Rick was a staunch advocate for the Second Amendment and the Patriot cause.

He enjoyed a wide variety of activities in the great outdoors, including golf, riding motorbikes, shooting, and hunting. Rick has been a member of the NRA for his whole life. Among the various organizations and clubs in which he has participated over the years are the Bridgeville Rifle and Pistol Club, IDPA, and ABATE. There is not a single piece of machinery that Rick is unable to either operate or take apart in order to repair. He was skilled in a wide variety of areas, earning the nickname “Jack of All Trades.” Rick’s time away from the office was typically spent either assisting his buddies or spending time with his family. He made a positive impact on the lives of many people and will be greatly missed. Source Obituaries established by De Affluxes Hardes International in 2019 is a death and obituary news aggregation service that provides a nonstop flow of links to articles that have been compiled from the work of thousands of different publishers and magazines. The news of local and internal obituaries that have been posted on the Internet is the primary topic of Referetech Obituary. If you feel the need to get in touch with us, please do not delay; simply go to the “Contact us” tab on our website and send us an e-mail. We will get back to you within the next 24 hours.


Richard Roat Obituary, Death and Funeral Information
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