Ramirez’s Family Death, 5 Florida family members found dead

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Ramirez’s Family Death – Investigators have identified the victims as Stephanie Renee Ramirez, age 39; Alyssa Berumen, age 23; Sunny Ramirez, age 11; and Shelby Rose Ramirez, age 7. This information was reported by WFTV. Donovan Michael Ramirez, 45 years old, has been named as the suspect in connection with the fatalities, according to the police who spoke with WFTV. According to the investigators, it seems likely that the murders were the consequence of “an incident related to domestic violence.”

Tuesday afternoon in Orlando, Florida, police discovered the bodies of a family of five inside their house. The deaths appear to have been the result of a murder-suicide. According to a news release that was acquired by The Associated Press, on Tuesday, officers with the Orlando Police Department were conducting a wellness check at a home in Orlando when they discovered the deaths of three adults and two children.

Florida family members found dead

According to WFTV, the police arrived at the residence around one in the afternoon. WFTV was told by neighbors that the family had only moved into the area during the past few months, while other neighbors said that they were unaware of anything having taken place prior to the arrival of the police.

The inquiry has not been completed, thus there is no new information that has been disclosed.