Lt. Barry Schrader

Police see the need for active shooter training

Plans are now underway to fill a gap after reviewing area agencies’ plans in case of a mass shooting event. 

Michigan State Police District First Lt. Barry Schrader told Branch County Commissioners, “The sheriff’s department, local chiefs, and I all had some discussions, and we’re going to have some joint training going on. This is unfortunately related to some events that have happened across the country.”

The training will focus on active shooter training and handling civil disturbances. State police are reviewing plans after protests last month in the shooting of a suspect in Grand Rapids. 

“There hasn’t been really any interagency training,” Schrader said. With many local police agencies short-staffed, the lieutenant explained, “If something were to happen in the Branch County area, the initial response will be all of us coming together to handle it until we can get more state resources there.”