In Prince George’s County, police are looking for a culprit after an 80-year-old man was beaten and critically injured.

According to Prince George’s County Police, an 80-year-old man was beaten and critically injured on Thursday, June 2 in the 11300 block of Cherry Hill Road after a suspect repeatedly struck the victim.

Police have released a video of the savage assault on a senior citizen and are asking the public for help in identifying and apprehending the perpetrator.

The assault may have been sparked by an argument over damage to a car door in the parking lot, according to the inquiry.

“The ferocity of this assault is unsettling,” stated Major Jason Fisher, Commander of the Beltsville Division. My investigators are dedicated to locating and apprehending this culprit so that he can be held responsible for the attack. Our prayers are with the victim, who is still in serious condition in the hospital. Please contact us if anyone in the community recognizes this suspect.

The investigation is still underway, and the suspect is still being sought by authorities.

Please contact police at 301-937-0910 if you have any information that could help in this case.