Mo Ostin Death, Obituary Longtime Warner Bro Dead at 95

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Mo Ostin Death, Obituary- According to Variety, Mo Ostin, who served as CEO of Warner Bros. and Reprise Records for more than three decades, from the 1960s through the 1990s, has passed away. At the age of 95, he passed away due to natural causes.

He oversaw record labels that distributed legendary music by artists such as Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, the Grateful Dead, the Kinks, Paul Simon, Van Morrison, Randy Newman, and a great many more.

Who was Mo Ostin?

Ostin served as the CEO of Warner/Reprise Records for thirty years, beginning his tenure in 1960 after being recruited by Reprise founder Frank Sinatra. After Warner Bros. took over the record company, he established himself as a powerful player in the business by making deals with bands like the Kinks and Jimi Hendrix in the 1960s and founding the record distributor WEA.

At its height, it was one of the most successful record labels in the business; Fleetwood Mac’s album Rumours sold more than 20 million copies and occupied the top spot on the charts for a total of 31 weeks. In 1972, he was given the title of chairman and CEO, and he remained in that role until 1994. Records by artists such as Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and the Grateful Dead were issued by the label when he was in charge. Paul Simon, Van Morrison, Randy Newman, and a great many more are included in this category.

Mo Ostin Career

In 1995, he became an employee of the entertainment company Dreamworks, which was established by Steven Spielberg, film producer Jeffrey Katzenberg, and record label executive David Geffen. In 2006, he made his way back to Warner Bros. in the capacity of consultant. In 2003, Ostin was recognized with an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.