Mike Sisson Obituary, Death and Funeral Information

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1.  Mike Sisson Obituary, of Saint Albans, West Virginia – Death

“Mike Sisson was one of the best men I have ever met, and I told him often. Since I was 17-18 years old causing trouble in magistrate court, “Miiiiiiiike” was my confidant, my buddy, the guy who gave me hot tamales in a styrofoam cup in hopes that it would keep my mouth shut for at least 30 seconds. “Love you” were common departing words between Mike, Kacie, and I. He loved to laugh at me, which is a moment you see in this picture—Morgan turning her head in embarrassment so Kacie didn’t catch me blushing after a totally off the wall question from Mike. When I had a zit, I was Morgan Zitzer. I will always laugh at that memory (and it is forever etched in history because he did it ON THE RECORD).” Read More


2. Michael Sisson Obituary – Death

Michael Sisson passed away on August 2, 2021, having been born on May 7, 1958, and having lived until that date. Michael was fighting a losing battle with cancer up until the moment of his passing. He spent his childhood in the Bryans Road neighbourhood located in Charles County, Maryland. After spending a number of years in Norfolk, Virginia, he relocated to the Washington Metropolitan area, which is where he has spent the most of the past 10 or so years calling home. Michael’s parents, Elbert and Lucile Sisson, as well as his siblings, Maura Sisson, James Sisson, Fred Sisson, Mark Sisson, and most recently, Grace Griffith, all passed away before him.

Grace was the youngest of Michael’s siblings. He is survived by his siblings, Richard Sisson (Marybeth) of Irvington, VA., Bridget Sisson (Oren Swain) of Arlington, VA, Clare Barrow (Ted) of La Jolla, CA, and Joseph Sisson (Janet Silverman) of Fairfax, VA. He is also survived by his nieces and nephews, Francis Sisson (Erica) of Bel Alton, MD, Jane Barrow (Steven) of San Jose, CA, Caitlin Lackey (Brandon) of Nottingham, MD, Thomas Barrow (Rebecca) of Boerne, TX, Christine Alexander (Daniel) of Waldorf, MD, Jamie Sisson of Cincinnati, OH, and Molly Sisson of Nottingham, MD, as well as ten grandnieces and grandnephews and numerous cousins. Full Obituary

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Mike Sisson Obituary, Death and Funeral Information
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