Mike Heiser Obituary, Cause of death – Whats happened?

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Mike Heiser Obituary, Cause of death – Whats happened?

People who navigate their way to this page typically have one or more of the following questions in mind: (1) Who is this person? (2) What do you hope to accomplish with the website and everything that goes along with it, such as podcasts, books, films, and so on? (3) In what do you put your faith, and what are you motivated by? It’s important to me that people understand what I believe (and don’t believe) as well as what drives me to do the things that I do, so I hope the following information is helpful in that regard. This is especially true at times when I have a lot of interviews scheduled with various media outlets. Think of this page and my frequently asked questions as reliable sources of information on who I am and what I believe.

I have a Master of Arts in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Wisconsin–Madison (MA, PhD, Hebrew Biblical and Semitic Studies). I have over a decade of experience teaching college courses online in addition to more than a decade of experience in traditional classroom settings in higher education. My current position is as a resident scholar at Logos Bible Software, a company that develops databases of ancient texts as well as other digital resources for biblical and ancient history research. If you read my CV, you will find answers that are more in depth and specific on my academic history.

Mike Heiser death – Mike Heiser Obituary

In a word, the purpose of my homepage, podcasts, other sites, and writing is to deliver high-quality content to individuals who are seeking particular topics, like the following: Serious scholarly substance for comprehending the Bible in its own context, unfiltered by creeds and customs, but still comprehensible to those who do not reside in an ivory tower. To put it another way, I believe it is my responsibility as a biblical scholar to explain scientific concepts to interested laypeople.

You can think of me as a missionary for the church, sharing serious study on the Bible and biblical theology with regular folks sitting in the pews. In my opinion, this is a really pressing concern. The majority of churches in the modern world are focused more on preserving their denominational subculture or providing entertainment for visitors than they are on provoking thought in their congregations.