Mick Moloney Death and Obituary Musician and Champion of Irish Culture

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Mick Moloney Death and Obituary – Mick Moloney, a recording artist, folklorist, concert presenter, and professor who championed traditional Irish culture and encouraged female instrumentalists in a field dominated by men, passed away on Tuesday at his home in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Moloney was known for encouraging female instrumentalists in a field that was dominated by men. He was 77.

It was announced that he had passed away by the Glucksman Ireland House at New York University, which is the hub for Irish studies. There was no explanation provided. Mr. Moloney had given a performance at the Maine Celtic Festival, which was held in Belfast, Maine, not more than a week previously.

Mr. Moloney was a pioneering scholar in the field of Irish-American studies at New York University, where he was given the title of worldwide distinguished professor. He immigrated to the United States from Ireland. Within the university’s Archives of Irish America is where his large collection of documents and other things are kept. He released a plethora of music by Irish bands from the 19th and 20th centuries and brought the music to a larger audience whose acquaintance with Irish culture typically did not extend much farther than the commercialized celebrations of Saint Patrick’s Day. He also presented the music to a wider audience.