Mick Jones Obituary, Death, Funeral Information

Mick Jones Obituary
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Mick Jones Obituary: After learning of Mick Jones’ passing at the age of 75, Neil Warnock has expressed his condolences and paid tribute to his former assistant manager. Both players were teammates for their respective clubs while playing for QPR, Leeds United, Sheffield United, and Crystal Palace respectively. Additionally, Jones managed in his own right for the teams of Mansfield, Halifax, Peterborough, and Plymouth, in addition to managing the Brunei national team. “We had some unbelievable times. Mick was the more level-headed of the two. I’ll miss him loads, “Warnock made a post on his Twitter account. Six different teams were promoted thanks to the efforts of these two managers, beginning with Notts County in 1991 in the old Second Division and ending with QPR in 2011 in the Championship. Full Obituary

Mick Jones Obituary (1937 – 2016): In fond remembrance of Mick Jones, who sadly passed away at home, surrounded by his loved ones, on August 7, 2016. Since the beginning of the Ford Motorsport team in 1962 at Boreham, Mick was an integral part of the organization and played a leading role. He competed successfully with the Escorts in the World Cup Rally in 1970 and the World Rally Championship throughout the 1970s, with the highlight of his career being his victory in the World Rally Championship in 1979. He traveled all over the world to compete in these events. In 1984, he took over management of the South African Ford rally team and remained in that role until Ford withdrew from the rallying competition in South Africa. Many people have fond memories of him because of his energy, drive, sense of humor, and determination to not only get the cars to the finish line but to win as well. Even after he retired in 2012, he was always ready to answer questions from fans about any and all aspects of building and operating Escorts. He returned to his hometown in 1996, where he continued to be involved in the construction of race and rally cars until he finally stopped doing so. To Mick, retirement did not mean slowing down, and he was still active with many hobbies, the primary ones being photography and bird watching (he was a member of Essex Wildlife Trust and spent many happy hours walking along the seawall), gardening, and more recently, avid sports watching of any and all kinds. Full Obituary

Michael “Mick” Jones Obituary, Vero Beach, FL: Michael “Mick” Bradley Jones, formerly of Oak Ridge and currently residing in Vero Beach, Florida, passed away on November 28, 2021. Both of his parents, Guy and Gladys Jones, as well as his brother Barry Jones, passed away before he did. He is survived by his wife of 48 years, Denise Justice Jones, his son Dustin Ryan Jones of Knoxville, his daughter Brook Jones (Calvin Agerton) of Vero Beach, and his grandchildren Kevin Ryan Jones, Leah Ashton Jones, and Alex Michael Jones all of Vero Beach, and a large number of aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, nieces, nephews, and life-long friends. He was married for 48 years. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Education from Middle Tennessee State University. Before embarking on a thirty-year career with Boeing Aerospace in Procurement and Supply Chain Management in Oak Ridge, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he started out as a teacher and coach in Knox County and Coalfield High School, where he worked with the sports of basketball and baseball. Full Obituary

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Mick Jones Obituary, Death, Funeral Information
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