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Michelle Varossa Rounds (Micki) Obituary, Somerville: At the age of 76, Michelle Varossa Rounds, also known as Micki, passed away on Tuesday evening, March 8, 2022, at St. Francis Hospital in Bartlett, with her family by her side. Micki was a resident of Somerville and was married to Harold Rounds. The legacy that Micki left behind was love and a better world. She was born and raised in Memphis, moved around the country for a few years, and then returned to Memphis, where she joined Federal Express as one of the company’s earliest employees. She persevered through the difficult years of fighting for survival alongside the other pioneers of overnight delivery and excellent service, eventually constructing a category of delivery service that we all take for granted today, namely FedEx. She began her career as a clerical worker and eventually rose through the ranks to become a trusted and effective Service Engineer. Full Obituary

Michelle Rounds Obituary: On Monday, Michelle Rounds, the ex-wife of Rosie O’Donnell who had fought with her for custody of their young daughter, was found dead at her home in Florida of what appears to be a suicide. Her age was 46. O’Donnell expressed his sorrow in a statement that was emailed to USA TODAY and said, “I am saddened to hear about this terrible tragedy.” “Mental illness is a very serious problem that impacts the lives of a great number of families. My thoughts and prayers are with Michelle’s family, including her wife Krista and their child. My heart goes out to all of them.” The information was initially shared by TMZ, but it was later validated by a statement issued by O’Donnell and by an obituary that was published on the website of the Carpenters funeral home in Corning, New York, the city in which Rounds was born. On September 11, it was stated that Michelle Rounds-Monteleone, who resided in Windermere, Florida, “passed away suddenly at her home.” Full Obituary

Michelle Rounds-Monteleone Obituary, Windermere, FL: On September 11, 2017, at the age of 46, Michelle Rounds-Monteleone, who resided in Windermere, Florida, passed away suddenly at her residence. On May 10, 1971, Michelle Rounds was born in Corning, New York to parents Roger and Gayla Rounds. Michelle was a hard-working woman who had the drive and motivation to improve not only herself but also the lives of those around her. She received an honors diploma from the State University of New York at New Paltz, where she studied for her undergraduate degree. After receiving her degree, she immediately began working on Wall Street. Later on, she worked her way up through the ranks to become the most successful recruiter in New York City for Modis, a leading company in the IT staffing industry. In this role, she was responsible for selecting the most qualified candidates for Fortune 500 companies. Full Obituary

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