Michael Mosher Obituary, Death and Funeral Information

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1.  Michael Mosher Obituary, Former Makeup Department Head at Warner Bros. Entertainment – Death

“Rest in peace Michael Mosher. You were always kind to me. You never hesitated to go out of your way to give advice or speak your mind, and this world is truly worse off without you. I hope your soul is at peace” Source


2. Michael R. Mosher Obituary, of Martin, South Dakota – Death

On May 12, 1953, Michael R. Mosher was welcomed into the world by his parents, Stanley and Connie Mosher, in Huron, South Dakota. At this time, Mike’s family made their home in Highmore, South Dakota, close to the school that he attended, Bramhall. The family made the relocation to the new location in 1965 and developed the ranch in the eastern part of Bennett County. Mike went to school in this area up through the eighth grade at the Pleasant Valley school. He subsequently attended Bennett County High School and graduated in 1971. Mike’s life consisted of nothing but ranching.

Mike chose to continue working alongside his father on the ranch after he graduated from high school. In 1976, Mike and Teresa Arthur in Philip were joined in marriage and became one. Melanie, Levi, and Heather are the three offspring who resulted from this marriage. Mike had a deep love for his family, and he took great pleasure in sharing the ranching way of life with his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Mike enjoyed traveling away and exploring new parts of the country, despite the fact that it was difficult to coax him away from the place. Mike was very pleased with the ranch that he had built and the cattle that he had raised there. Read More

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Michael Mosher Obituary, Death and Funeral Information
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