Deandra, who goes by the name Beau Dee, is one of the people competing in the Netflix Snowflake mountain. She is a professional make-up artist, so it is likely that she has a good amount of money.

Snowflake Mountain, a Netflix reality show about adventure that stars a Kent influencer, starts this week.

In a tough jungle Bootcamp, ten people will compete for a cash prize while they learn how to live on their own. This reality show takes ten whiny “kidults” and tells them they’re going to a fancy villa, but they end up at a camp in the woods.

The idea is that the spoiled, whiny brats will learn from the experience to toughen up and stand on their own two feet instead of relying on their parents.

Deandra aka Beau

Deandra aka Beau

Deandra aka Beau Dee From Snowflake Mountain Net Worth 2022

Deandra, also known as Beau, is a professional makeup artist and a contestant on Snowflake Mountain. Most people think that she is worth about $500k.

Deandra has made most of her money from being a makeup artist. Deandra is a strong woman who knows a lot about herself. She has put Snowflake in the running to win by using her ideas and skills at every step.

She is definitely one of the most excited people who want to be on the new reality show Snowflake Mountain on Netflix. She has arrived to show everyone how strong she is after making the hard trip up Snowflake Mountain.

Deandra aka Beau Dee Wikipedia: Her Job And Bio?

Deandra, who goes by the name “Beau Dee,” is a makeup artist who works in New Jersey as a trained beautician.

She adores dogs. Melo, a fluffy mix of a Bjorn and a Maltese, is her favorite pet.

Beau has joined the trip through the woods with a group of other young people. Some people have liked her unique personality, which is both happy and strong.

On the Snowflake Mountain trip, people are also excited to see her perform.

Deandra aka Beau Dee Parents And Family?

Deandra, who goes by the name “Beau Dee,” lives with her parents and two younger sisters at the moment. At least five people live in her family.

Beau got to Snowflake only after she had solved every problem and problem in her life. She has done what she needs to do to be able to take care of herself and stand on her own two feet.

Also, her Instagram account doesn’t say anything about her parents. The account is private, so only people who follow Beau Dee can see her posts.

Deandra Aka Beau Age And Ethnicity?

Deandra Aka Beau is the snowflake contestant. She is about 25 years old, but we don’t know what race she is right now. Also, no one knows for sure when she was born.

The way she looks now, she is a solid 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

People are also surprised by how brave she is to do the hard task despite her size. She looks like she has a healthy weight of about 120 kg based on how she looks now.

Does Deandra Aka Beau Have A Boyfriend?

Deandra Aka Beau doesn’t have a boyfriend, and as of now, she is said to be single.

From what I can tell by looking at her social media and web pages, she doesn’t seem to be in a relationship.

She is working on a Netflix show right now, which will be one of the hardest things she does in her life, so she is focusing on that for now.

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