McDonald’s Matthew Webb, shot at for serving cold plate of french fries

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A man who was 20 years old shot a member of the McDonald’s staff after the employee served his mother a plate of cold french fries. Matthew Webb, who is 23 years old, is currently in a critical condition. The alleged shooter had a record of 12 previous arrests.

The most recent instance of this can be found in a McDonald’s restaurant in New York. Matthew Webb, age 23, was working as a server when he gave a customer a plate of cold french fries. The customer’s son then went to the establishment and began a fight with Webb. Following an appropriate level of escalation, the son pulled a 9 mm handgun and shot Webb in the neck. He was taken to Brookdale Hospital in an ambulance right away, where he is still in critical condition.

It can’t be denied that the United States of America and its citizens are reaching a boiling point. The United States of America has become a bloodstained entity that is strewn with everyday incidents of gun violence as a result of a heady cocktail of a civilization that is decaying, the seemingly unending problems of capitalism, and the unfettered availability of guns. As the bullets fly — and for the most inconsequential reasons — one can’t help but wonder why the nation has gone rogue and is getting closer and closer to careening off the tracks with each passing day. Because the use of firearms is now so commonplace, it has emerged as the method of choice for resolving any dispute.

According to the accounts, the mom was talking to her kid on FaceTime when she was getting her dish of fries. Her son, Michael Morgan, who is now 20 years old, went to the site as soon as he heard what had happened. After shooting the waiter in the neck, he ran away, but the New York Police Department was able to track him down and apprehend him quickly.

“The mother remarked that the fries were not warm enough. The mother was having a disagreement with the store clerk when her son overheard it while they were on FaceTime together. A disagreement between the son and the clerk broke out inside, and it continued outside “According to officials from the New York Police Department, New York Post.

Before this incident, the suspect in the shooting had already been arrested 12 times, but he was eager to add another arrest to his record. According to eyewitness accounts, his mother asserts that she was not present at the time of the shooting but that she did hear the gunshot. Another witness provided their account of what they saw following the incident. A man removed his shirt in an attempt to stop the bleeding, but Webb, who was only a child at the time, was trembling violently.

If the idea of getting shot for serving a customer a plate of cold fries seems ridiculous, even by American standards, consider that this event follows a similar one in which a customer shot and killed a Subway employee for pouring too much mayonnaise on the client’s sandwich.