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Mary Jane Kelly Obituaries – Death And Funeral Information

Mary Jane Kelly Greater London, England: Death Victim. She was the fifth and final verified victim of Jack the Ripper, and she was 25 years old. The majority of contemporary sleuths and scholars think that Jack the Ripper had more victims than the five who have been positively identified. Mary Jane Kelly, the daughter of Irish ironworker John Kelly, was born in Limerick, Ireland. Mary had a sister who worked in the markets, a brother in the Army, and six brothers who resided at home. When Mary was a young girl, her family relocated to Caernarvonshire, Wales, and when she was sixteen, she wed Davis, a collier. When he was killed in an explosion two years later, Mary left Cardiff and moved up with a cousin in London. She started drinking heavily there and eventually turned to prostitution. She resided in a hospital for eight months while receiving venereal disease treatment. Full Obituary

Mary Jane Kelly Saginaw, Michigan: On April 5, 2019, Mary Jane uprooted her life and moved away from her home to be with her Lord. She was a member of Saint John the Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio, for a good number of years. During her time there, she participated in the prayer groups that met on Wednesday mornings and Friday evenings, as well as the evangelism group and the funeral choir. She participated in the golf league run by the Salesians, of which she was a member. She never hesitated to tell others about the many blessings in her life, including the great and loving parents she was given, the loving husband she had shared 63 years with, their three daughters who took care of her, and her very unique grandson. Full Obituary

Mary Jane Kelly Troup, Texas: On January 1, 2018, Jane Kelly and her adoring husband Bud were able to celebrate their 71st wedding anniversary together in heaven. At their home in Troup, Texas, Alonzo and Myrtle Porter welcomed their daughter Jane into the world. Jane left her family when she was young in order to pursue a career as a nurse. It was during this time that she met Albert “Bud” Kelly, an attractive young man in the Navy. On January 1, 1947, they became husband and wife. Both of their daughters, Kitty Kelly Auwarter and Kathleen Kelly Hagen, were nurtured under their joint care. Jane completed her nursing education at Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz, California, and then retired there after working there for many years. Full Obituary