Marcy Borders Obituaries – Death And Funeral Information

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Marcy Borders Obituaries – Death And Funeral Information

Marcy Borders Obituary: People are eager to learn What Was Marcy Borders’ Cause Of Death, as well as the fact that Marcy Borders’ Obituary has recently been the subject of a significant increase in the number of online searches conducted in its entirety. People are concerned to learn about Marcy Borders’s obituary and want to get a real update as the news of her passing is currently making its way around the world in a widespread manner. Having said that, let’s proceed with our investigation into the facts and particulars surrounding Marcy Borders’ obituary. People who heard about Marcy Borders’ death did a lot of searching online to find more information about her passing, including her obituary. After learning of Marcy Borders’ passing, many people are curious about the circumstances surrounding her passing. In recent times, a number of people have surfed the news of the passing of Marcy Borders. Full Obituary

Marcy Borders Syracuse, NY: An iconic photograph of the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in New York City in 2001 shows a woman from New Jersey covered in dust. She has since passed away. According to her daughter Noelle Borders, Marcy Borders lost her battle with stomach cancer on Monday night and passed away the following evening. During the terrorist attack, the Bayonne resident, who is 42 years old and worked on the 81st floor of one of the Twin Towers, was able to successfully flee the building. She later related to news reporters that, as the north tower collapsed in front of her eyes, a complete stranger dragged her into the building lobby and escorted her away from the danger. Stan Honda of AFP was the one who took the photograph that turned out to be so memorable. Full Obituary

Marcy Borders Obituary: Marcy Borders, a victim of the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11 and the subject of one of the most famous photographs taken on that day, passed away on Monday due to stomach cancer. Her age was 41. Early on Tuesday morning, her family broke the news to their Facebook friends that she had passed away. Borders had been working at her new job as a legal assistant on the 81st floor of One World Trade Center for one month when the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, occurred. She was able to escape the building after it was hit by American Airlines Flight 11, which was only a few stories above her office. She made it out onto the street right before the adjacent tower collapsed. Stan Honda, a photographer for the Agence France-Presse, took a picture of her while she was being dragged by a stranger into a nearby lobby. Her face was distressed, and her body was covered in ash. In the weeks and years that followed 9/11, she would become known throughout the world by the nickname “Dust Lady.” Full Obituary