Lori Mcclintock Obituary, Death and Funeral Information

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Lori Mcclintock cause of death is associated with consumption of herbal supplement White Mulberry

The wife of Representative Tom McClintock, Lori McClintock, passed away in December after experiencing “adverse effects” related to her consumption of the herbal supplement white mulberry leaf, according to a report compiled by the coroner for the county of Sacramento in California. According to the two-page report, the cause of death was “dehydration due to gastroenteritis due to adverse effects of ingestion of white mulberry leaf.”

It was mentioned that Lori McClintock ” was a female who was found unresponsive in her locked residence by her husband.” Lori McClintock was 61 years old. The day before, she reported that she was experiencing stomach pain. The cause of death was determined through autopsy and subsequent toxicology testing. There was nothing that seemed suspicious about the circumstances. “The manner of death will be listed as an accident because the circumstances and the cause of death were both accidental.” There is no indication in the report as to how Mrs. McClintock consumed the mulberry leaf, which is a dietary supplement that can be consumed in the form of pills, tea, or an extract.

After Congress had adjourned for the Christmas holidays on December 15, her husband had returned to the house. He discovered that his wife had become unresponsive. The report of the coroner does not include any additional information beyond the statement that it was informed of Mrs. McClintock’s passing by the Consumnes Fire Department. “There was a probe conducted into the cause of death. According to the report, “an examination of the decedent was performed by Jason P. Tovar, M.D., after the decedent was transported to this office.”

Lori Mcclintock Obituary, Death and Funeral Information
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