Local law agencies participate in active shooter training | News

Medford –           This week Medford SWAT is hosting their active threat training for Medford’s police department along with other agencies. Practicing potential scenarios for active shooters in schools and businesses.

In light of recent shootings in our county, local law agencies are constantly learning the latest tactics when it comes to an active threat. Corporal Patrol with Medford Police Department Salvador Garcia says when these mass casualties happen, there will be lots of agencies responding.

“We learn the latest trends of what’s happening across the country regarding an active threat. And what’s happened over the last several years is that multi agency’s response and so we’ve also incorporated the Medford fire department in our training as well,” says Garcia.

Captain with the Medford Fire Department and member of Medford SWAT Chuck Glose says these trainings smooth over any loose ends and practice their role of getting the injured out of a dangerous situation.

“Taking an ugly situation and trying to create order out of chaos, taking care of the injured and dying which is our major role,” says Glose.

Today’s training took place in a local high school, groups listened to presentations and practiced live scenarios such as clearing a hallway, distracting the attacker, guarding open doors, and teaming up in tight spaces. Allowing agencies to have a good understanding of what different layouts could look like.

“For us, it’s understanding what our role is – making sure that we get to the location where the incident is occurring and understanding that this is a larger picture that’s going to affect our community,” says Garcia.

This in-depth training creates a sense of preparedness when it comes to responding to an active threat. Preparing our law enforcement for the worst.

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