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Kumalo III ”Major” Molina Obituary, (2021 – 2022): My precious nephew, who was only seven months old when he passed away on June 12th, 2022, was beautiful. Your support in the form of financial contributions or prayers is greatly appreciated… as excruciating as this may be. It is imperative that it be completed. His mother, who was 25 years old at the time of her son’s birth, passed away in late January of this year when her son was three months old. Her name was Asia, and in addition to being my sister, she was also my closest friend. When I was in the process of adopting him, I suddenly had the feeling that I had been given the role of mother overnight. As the process of preparing for you evolved into an ongoing educational endeavor (I loved it). He shared his first brother’s age with an Irish twin.. (less than 1 year apart ). This kind of suffering appears to be intolerable. My little one’s favorite thing was for me to kiss him, even though he loved to smile, laugh, and play with his brother and cousins. Bath time was also a lot of fun. Full Obituary

Angela Maria Molina Obituary, Tucson, AZ: Angela Maria Molina 35, of Tucson, AZ passed away unexpectedly on March 29, 2010. She was born in Los Angeles, CA on May 9, 1974, but has been a lifelong resident of Tucson. She attended Cholla High School and was a graduate of the Pascua Yaqui GED program in 2005. Angie, the day before you passed, you looked in good spirits, healthy, and happy. You left us suddenly but we got to see the real you before your departure and now you are at mom’s side in the heavens. We are all going to miss your laugh, smile, sense of humor, and bravery tremendously. Full Obituary

Asia Molina, age 25 Obituary Vail, Arizona: Asia Molina, who was born in Tucson, Arizona, and lived in Vail, Arizona, passed away on January 31, 2022. It is with great regret that we inform you of this news. You are welcome to share your condolences with the family by writing them in the guestbook that has been provided. You may also choose to remember Asia Molina by lighting a candle in her honor or by contributing an exquisite floral arrangement to the memorial service she will be attending. Full Obituary

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