Meridian Police Officer Kennis Croom was killed in the course of duty.
Meridian Police Officer Kennis Croom died tragically on Wednesday, June 8, 2022. Through an online release, the Tuscaloosa Police Department announced his death. In the course of duty, he was killed.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department said, “We are grieved by the line-of-duty loss of Meridian Police Officer Kennis Croom, who grew up in Tuscaloosa.”

“As the Croom family and the men and women of the Meridian Police Department attempt to recover from this tragedy, our thoughts are with them tonight and in the days, weeks, and months ahead.” Officer Croom bravely and selflessly served his community. His self-sacrifice will not go unnoticed.”

In light of his loss, friends, colleagues, officials, and veterans have sent condolences and tributes to his family. Everyone will miss him tremendously.