Kate Holbrook Obituary, Death, Funeral Information

Kate Holbrook Obituary
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Kate Holbrook Obituary: On Saturday, August 20, 2022, historian, author, and advocate for the history of women in the Latter-day Saint church Kate Holbrook passed away. She was in her 50s. According to her obituary, she passed away from a “rare cancer of the eye,” which was listed as the cause of her passing. The news of her passing was shared on social media by her husband, Sam Brown, on Saturday. “Today I have no poetry, only a broken heart and the brutal fact that broke it,” Brown wrote in a tweet. “Kate died this morning. Funeral expected this Saturday in Salt Lake City.” Holbrook served as the managing historian of women’s history in the Church History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Born in Santa Barbara, California, in Jan. 13, 1972, Holbrook was raised by her mother and her grandmother, Belle Fillmore Stewart, in Provo, Utah. Holbook is survived by her husband and the couple’s three daughters.  Full Obituary

Kate Day Obituary: Kate was born in Crawley, in West Sussex, to Felicity (nee Rodgers), a psychoanalyst, and David, a systems engineering manager at IBM. However, she grew up in north London, where she went to Creighton school and then William Ellis school before gaining a degree in the history of design from Manchester Metropolitan University. After a year teaching English as a foreign language in Greece, she obtained a diploma in art gallery and museum studies from Manchester University in 1997, after which she became curator of contemporary craft and design at Manchester Art Gallery. After 10 years working in that post, Kate took on the role of director at Manchester Craft and Design Centre, overseeing a growth in income and visitor numbers during her time there and building long term regional and national partnerships with the Arts Council, Manchester Metropolitan University and Manchester city council. Kate was active in many areas of the arts and crafts in the north-west of England, including as a member of the Craft Council Acquisitions Advisory Committee and a nominator for the Perrier Jouët Craft Awards. She was also instrumental in the setting-up of the North West Craft Network, of which she was co-chair. She is survived by me, our son, Nathan, her father and her brother, Alex.    Full Obituary

Kate Mitchell Obituary: Kate was born in North Shields in Tyne and Wear, to Rodney Mitchell and his wife, Sue (nee Kennedy), who were both teachers. Our parents were keen outdoors enthusiasts, and most of our early, happy childhood holidays were spent on camping trips or sailing in the North Sea from our base in Whitley Bay, where we lived. However, our father died after a long illness when Kate was 10, and our mother was left to bring up two young children on her own. Although Kate’s intelligence could command any room, she never believed she was clever: her attendance at Marden high school in North Shields was scanty, and she never took A-levels. She then spent much of her time up to her late 20s being offered permanent jobs and turning them down – out of a desire to travel, an unwillingness to be tied down and a basic restlessness that was to define her life. Her greatest talent was for friendship. She was bottomlessly interested in other people and quietly attentive to their needs: she is remembered at the BBC as unfailingly generous with her time, expertise and support. She also volunteered widely, with organisations that helped refugees and homeless people, and at womens’ shelters. Since her death we have continued to hear stories about her often extravagant acts of kindness and solidarity – many dating back decades – to which, with characteristic self-effacement, she never drew attention. Although Kate’s career was clearly taking off at the time she died, she was resistant to pursuing higher-paying managerial jobs since she was happiest in the field, engaging with development partners and gaining an intimate knowledge of the countries and cultures she lived in. She is survived by her partner, John Marks, her mother and me.    Full Obituary

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Kate Holbrook Obituary, Death, Funeral Information
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