Justin Vodrey Death, Family Mourn as Missing Pleasanton, Tx. Man, Justin Vodrey Passed Away

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Death of Justin Vodrey: An Obituary for Someone Who Kept a Cool Head: Justin Vodrey, who resided in Pleasanton, Texas, departed away suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving behind a family, closer relatives, and other loved ones who are utterly devastated and heartbroken. When Justin passed suddenly, his family and friends were completely distraught. The family is in sadness and pain as a result of the death of Justin, which has brought about their state.

Concerned family member reported Justin, a well-respected semi truck driver with The Coastal Plains Trucking based in Pleasanton, Texas, missing on Thursday, July 7, 2022. His last known whereabouts were in Pleasanton, Texas. The family of Justin is in our thoughts and prayers. Please accept our love and support. It was through a post that a Facebook user named Stephanie Gleyre published on Friday, July 15, 2022 that Fatalitiesaroundme became aware of this unfortunate event. The following statements are included in that post:


The Vodrey family want to share the sad news that Justin Vodrey has died away with everyone. I would want to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for helping in our search for him. As we mourn this terrible event, we ask that you respect our need for privacy at this time.


How did Justin Died ?

A great number of concerned individuals, particularly those who are close to the family, are wondering about the circumstances surrounding Justin’s passing. We are unable to confirm or reveal the cause of death of Justin at this time because his family has not yet published a statement describing the specifics of his passing away. Because of this, we are unable to do so. On the other hand, it would appear that there is not much that can be learnt about the situation at this time until the family publishes a definitive statement regarding the subject. As is customary, as soon as the information is confirmed, we will look into it further and update this story.



The memorial services for Justin are underway, and people from all walks of life are paying their respects. As Justin’s loved ones and friends reflect on his life, tributes to him are flooding social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The deceased is remembered as a good person who was sympathetic and gave without expecting anything in return. In addition to his numerous admirable qualities, Justin possessed a pure and generous heart. It is a cruel irony that Justin’s passing has taken him away from us.

After Justin’s passing, there will surely be a huge hole in our hearts. The distance that separates family and friends will be easier to cross after more time has passed. Without a shadow of a doubt, people will remember the passing of Justin for the rest of their lives. As soon as the unfortunate information was made public online, a multitude of people who were affected by it expressed their deepest condolences on various social media platforms.

You will be sorely missed by many. Those of us who have known you since we were all children have always thought of you in the same way as a brother. I feel terrible for the people who missed out on getting to know the real you. I am confident that you will keep a watchful eye out for us. When I moved back to Los Angeles from Dallas, I often saw you out and about at the clubs. All of the wild times that we all shared together. To hell with your brother. You were indeed a magnificent spirit, and you were aware of your own greatness. I pray that you find peace and karma in this life. There is a lot I could post, but for the time being, just keep flying high. You will not be forgotten under any circumstances. ~ Melissa Ann Quaethem-Lopez

The family can take solace in this news.

The family of Justin is receiving a great deal of emotional support as a consequence of the many people who have expressed their deepest sympathies and well-wishes following their loss. In addition to expressing their sympathies to the family in their time of loss, they are praying that the departed person’s soul will finally be at rest.

Making arrangements for the memorial service and the obituary

The family will soon release a statement regarding the funeral and burial plans for Justin. At the right time, the family and loved ones of the deceased person will make public the information regarding the obituary, funeral, and life celebration that will take place. We will do all in our power to keep you updated on these matters. In the meanwhile, there is a section at the bottom of this page that has been reserved for tributes for those who have passed away, prayers for the family, and other expressions of condolence from those who have been affected by this tragedy. When using it, please be aware of others and monitor how you use language.